Kha c? b?n 523

"Ph??ng php lu?n sng t?o v ??i m?i (TRIZ m? r?ng)"

Khai gi?ng: th? t?, 12/05/2021

Gi? h?c: 17g30 - 21g00

Ngy h?c: t?i th? hai, t?i th? t? v t?i th? su

Th?i gian h?c: 1 thng

H?c ph hi?n nay: 1.200.000 ??ng (bao g?m c? ti li?u h?c t?p).

Chiu sinh t?t c? m?i ng??i c trnh ?? v?n ha l?p 12 tr? ln, khng phn bi?t tu?i, ngh? nghi?p chuyn mn, ch?c v?...

?i?n tho?i:(028) 38301743

Gi?y ch?ng nh?n hon thnh kha h?c do Tr??ng ??i h?c khoa h?c t? nhin thu?c ??i h?c qu?c gia Tp. H? Ch Minh c?p.

?? bi?t cc ch l?i c?a mn h?c, b?m vo ?y

Ch??ng trnh h?c b?m vo ?y

Gi?y ch?ng nh?n hon thnh kha h?c do Tr??ng ??i h?c khoa h?c t? nhin thu?c ??i h?c qu?c gia Tp. H? Ch Minh c?p.

Bo t??ng m?i nh?t

BTSK s? 1/2017 (73) ra thng 3 n?m 2017

Ton b?

+ Tin TSK - Tin th? gi?i

+ Th? gi?i t? gc nhn sng t?o: 10 pht minh "khng t??ng" c?a Nicola Tesla

+ ?a d?ng: Bn trong trung tm d? li?u c?a Facebook

+ S?n ph?m sng t?o

V? th?y Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller


Th?y Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller sinh ngy 15.10.1926 t?i Taskent, th? ? n??c C?ng ha x vi?t Uzbekistan thu?c Lin X tr??c ?y. Sau ? gia ?nh Th?y chuy?n sang s?ng ? Baku, th? ? n??c C?ng ha x vi?t Azerbaidgian. N?m 14 tu?i khi cn l h?c sinh trung h?c, Th?y ? c trong tay vi B?ng ch?ng nh?n tc gi? sng ch? (patent). T? n?m 1946, Th?y ? nung n?u nh?ng ??nh ??u tin xy d?ng m?t l thuy?t gip b?t k? ng??i bnh th??ng no c?ng c th? lm cc sng ch? m sau ny Th?y ??t tn l "L thuy?t gi?i cc bi ton sng ch?" (TRIZ). Th?y c m?t th?i gian ph?c v? qun ??i lm chuyn vin v? patent thu?c h?m ??i Caspian (L H?i). Th?y t?t nghi?p ??i h?c cng nghi?p (sau ??i tn l ??i h?c d?u m? v ha h?c). Th?y v ng??i b?n c?a Th?y l ng R. Shapiro ? cng nhau th?c hi?n nhi?u sng ch?. N?m 1949, nhn tm ra cng th?c m?t lo?i thu?c n? c?c m?nh, hai ng??i vi?t th? thng bo tr?c ti?p cho lnh t? Stalin v?i mong mu?n gip qun ??i x-vi?t m?t ph??ng ti?n m?nh ?? ch? t?o v? kh v ??ng th?i ??a ra m?t s? ki?n ngh? ??i v?i ho?t ??ng sng t?o sng ch? ? Lin X. Do s? "hi?u l?m", hai ng??i b? vu co l c m m?u ?nh bom H?ng tr??ng v b? x? t 25 n?m. N?m 1954, sau khi Stalin ch?t, hai ng ???c tr? t? do v ???c khi ph?c l?i danh d?. Tr? v? Baku, Th?y Altshuller c m?t th?i gian lm nh bo, trong khi v?n theo ?u?i cng vi?c nghin c?u xy d?ng TRIZ. Cng trnh ??u tin v? TRIZ Th?y v ng Shapiro cng b? trn t?p ch "Cc v?n ?? tm l h?c" (s? 6, n?m 1956) c nhan ?? "V? tm l h?c sng t?o sng ch?". Trong bi bo ny, cc tc gi? l?n ??u tin ??a ra m?t cch ti?p c?n m?i mang tnh cch m?ng: Sng t?o sng ch? lm thay ??i cc h? th?ng k? thu?t m cc h? th?ng ny pht tri?n theo cc quy lu?t khch quan nh?t ??nh, khng ph? thu?c ty ti?n vo tm l ch? quan c?a cc nh sng ch?. Do v?y, ch? c th? nng cao n?ng su?t v hi?u qu? qu trnh sng t?o sng ch?, khi nh sng ch? n?m v?ng cc quy lu?t pht tri?n khch quan ? v bi?t ?i?u khi?n tm l ch? quan c?a mnh theo chng.

Sau ny, ng R. Shapiro di c? sang Israel, ch? cn mnh Th?y Altshuller ti?p t?c cc cng vi?c lin quan ??n TRIZ. N?m 1968 Th?y Altshuller c?ng tc v?i H?i ??ng trung ??ng Hi?p h?i ton lin bang cc nh sng ch? v h?p l ha Lin X (VOIR) thnh l?p Phng th nghi?m cc ph??ng php sng ch? (OLMI), n?m 1971 - Tr??ng sng t?o sng ch? (Public Institute of Inventive Creativity). Th?y tr?c ti?p gi?ng d?y hai kha t?i Tr??ng ni trn: kha 1971-1973 v 1973-1975. Sau ?, do b?t ??ng quan ?i?m v khng ch?u ???c s? quan liu c?a cc quan ch?c Hi?p h?i, Th?y ch?m d?t s? c?ng tc v?i h?. T? ?, Th?y ch? y?u truy?n b TRIZ thng qua cc kha do chnh Th?y m?, do cc n?i m?i v qua cc cu?n sch Th?y ho?c Th?y cng cc h?c tr vi?t. ??n nh?ng n?m 80, hng tr?m thnh ph? ? Lin X ? c cc Tr??ng, Trung tm, Cu l?c b? ho?c nhm gi?ng d?y TRIZ. Hi?p h?i TRIZ (TRIZ Association) ???c thnh l?p n?m 1989 v T?p ch TRIZ (Journal of TRIZ) b?ng ti?ng Nga ra ??i n?m 1990. "Phong tro TRIZ" (TRIZ movement) hnh thnh v pht tri?n lc ??u bn trong Lin X, sau ? lan ra cc n??c x h?i ch? ngh?a khc (TRIZ b?t ??u d?y ? Vi?t Nam t? n?m 1977) v ph??ng Ty.

M? du nh?p TRIZ t? n?m 1991. H? nhanh chng nh?n th?y ?y l "Cng ngh? m?i mang tnh cch m?ng ???c ??a vo n??c M?" (TRIZ is a revolutionary new technology being introduced in the United States) v "tin r?ng ?i?u ny s? lm t?ng v? th? c?nh tranh c?a n??c M? trong n?n kinh t? ton c?u d?a trn ki?n th?c ?ang xu?t hi?n" (in the belief that it will enhance our country's competitive position in the emerging knowledge - based global economy). K?t qu?, ch? ch?a ??y 10 n?m h? ?i h?c TRIZ, li ko cc chuyn gia TRIZ c?a Lin X, d?ch cc sch TRIZ t? ti?ng Nga sang ti?ng Anh, t? xu?t b?n t?p ch TRIZ ring (TRIZ - Journal) t? thng 11 n?m 1996, thnh l?p TRIZ Institute (? California), Altshuller Institute (? Massachussets), TRIZ University... Hi?n nay kh nhi?u cc cng ty n?i ti?ng s? d?ng TRIZ ?? gi?i quy?t cc v?n ?? c?a mnh nh?: 3M, General Motors, Ford, BMW, Mobil Oil, Amoco Oil, Kodak, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, Intel, Siemens, Texas Instruments, U.S. Air Force, NASA... TRIZ cn ???c ??a vo cc tr??ng ??i h?c ? M? nh?: Florida Atlantic University, Wayne State University, University of Michigan, University of Connecticut, Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT), North Carolina State University, California Institute of Technology's Industrial Relations Center,... Nhi?u n??c khc nh? Anh, ??c, Th?y ?i?n, Ty Ban Nha, Israel, Ph?n Lan, H Lan, Mexico, c, Php (du nh?p TRIZ t? n?m 1996), Nh?t B?n (du nh?p TRIZ t? n?m 1997), Hn Qu?c c?ng ngy cng quan tm TRIZ nhi?u h?n. Cc b?n c ?i?u ki?n vo Internet, c th? s? d?ng danh sch ??a ch? cc trang web, ???c ??ng trong ph?n ny ?? c ???c nhi?u thng tin h?n v? TRIZ trn th? gi?i.

T? n?m 1986, m?c d s?c kh?e st gi?m r r?t, ch?a k? ??n n?m 1991, tnh hnh tr?t t?, an ninh ? Baku (mi?n Nam Lin X) tr? nn l?n x?n, Th?y v gia ?nh ph?i chuy?n nhi?u ngn cy s? ln ? thnh ph? Petrozavodsk thu?c n??c C?ng ha t? tr? Karelia (mi?n B?c Lin X). Th?y Altshuller v?n ti?p t?c lm vi?c. Th?y khng ch? pht tri?n ti?p TRIZ m cn b??c ??u ??t n?n mng cho nh?ng l thuy?t r?ng h?n: L thuy?t t?ng qut v? t? duy m?nh (vi?t t?t theo ti?ng Nga l OTSM) v L thuy?t pht tri?n nhn cch sng t?o (TRTL).

Th?y Altshuller cn l nh v?n vi?t truy?n khoa h?c vi?n t??ng v?i truy?n ??u tin ??ng n?m 1957. Nhi?u ??ng nghi?p c?a Th?y trong l?nh v?c ny nh?n ??nh: cc truy?n khoa h?c vi?n t??ng c?a Altshuller mang tnh tr tu? cao, ??m ??c cc t??ng b?t ng?, nhi?u t??ng v??t th?i gian hng ch?c c khi hng tr?m n?m v c l? v v?y khng ph?i d? ??c ??i v?i nh?ng ng??i ch? mu?n ??c ?? gi?i tr. Khi vi?t truy?n khoa h?c vi?n t??ng ho?c TRIZ cho thi?u nin, nhi ??ng Th?y th??ng l?y bt hi?u l Altov.

Th?y Altshuller m?t lc 5g30 chi?u (gi? ??a ph??ng) ngy 24.09.1998 t?i Petrozavodsk, Lin bang Nga v ???c an tng t?i Ngh?a trang danh d? c?a n??c C?ng ha Karelia lc 2 gi? chi?u ngy 29.09.1998. Di s?n Th?y ?? l?i l hng tr?m ngn h?c tr (hi?u theo ngh?a r?ng) trn kh?p th? gi?i, hng ch?c quy?n sch, hng tr?m bi bo v? TRIZ, OTSM, TRTL v hng tr?m truy?n khoa h?c vi?n t??ng. Th?y khng ch? l nh sng ch? xu?t s?c, nh nghin c?u mang tnh cch m?ng, ??t ph m?t l?nh v?c lu nay ???c coi l huy?n b (l?nh v?c sng t?o), nh v?n vi?t truy?n khoa h?c vi?n t??ng v?i m?t phong cch ??c ?o, ng??i t? ch?c v d?n d?t "phong tro TRIZ" m Th?y cn l m?t ng??i s?ng gi?n d?, h?t s?c chu ?o, ho hi?p v?i nh?ng ng??i khc, su?t ??i theo ?u?i m?c ?ch gip m?i ng??i trong nhn lo?i c nh?ng cng c? c?n thi?t ?? th?c hi?n m?t cch t?t nh?t quy?n m t? nhin trao cho m?i ng??i: quy?n ???c sng t?o. Cc cng c? Th?y tm ra v ?? l?i cho m?i ng??i khng ph?i l t: 40 th? thu?t (nguyn t?c) c? b?n v B?ng s? d?ng chng ?? kh?c ph?c mu thu?n k? thu?t, 76 chu?n, 11 bi?n ??i m?u ?? kh?c ph?c mu thu?n v?t l, ph??ng php m hnh ha bi ton b?ng nh?ng ng??i t hon (MBN)... v ??c bi?t l ARIZ. Th?y m?t ?i ?? l?i bi?t bao th??ng ti?c cho nh?ng ng??i h?c Th?y, bi?t Th?y tr?c ti?p ho?c gin ti?p. ??n nay c nhi?u ng??i ?? ngh? l?y ngy 15.10 (ngy sinh c?a Th?y) lm Ngy c?a nh?ng ng??i TRIZ, l?y tn Th?y ??t cho Hi?p h?i TRIZ qu?c t? (International TRIZ Association) v thnh l?p B?o tng Altshuller.


B?n ??c mu?n tm hi?u thm v? Th?y Altshuller xin xem trang web sau: c?a The Official G.S. Altshuller Foundation


Người viết: Phan D?ng


Th?y Altshuller trn b?c gi?ng

Cho ??n by gi? v c? sau ny, ch?c ti v?n ngh? r?ng ti ??n v?i TRIZ m?t cch t?t y?u v ???c h?c Th?y Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller m?t cch v cng may m?n.

T?t y?u hi?u theo ngh?a, n?u ti khng ??n v?i TRIZ nh? ? x?y ra vo n?m 1971 th nh?t ??nh s? c l?n ti b?t g?p TRIZ v ?i theo TRIZ su?t cu?c ??i cn l?i c?a mnh.

Ti nh? h?i nh?, khi mnh lm ?i?u g sai (m?c d ??ng c? l t?t ho?c t ra t? ti cho nh? v?y), th??ng b? ng??i l?n m?ng: "Sao d?i th?, lm ci g c?ng ph?i ngh? tr??c ch?". Th th?t, ti thu?c lo?i hay t? i. Tuy khng ni ra m?m nh?ng trong ??u th mu?n tr? l?i: "Tr??c khi lm th khng ai d?y ngh? c?, ch? ch? lm sai th m?ng" v th?y ph?i c? g?ng h?c ???c cch suy ngh?.

Khi h?c ph? thng, c?ng nh? cc b?n khc, qua l?i th?y c, qua cc quy?n sch, ti r?t khm ph?c cc nh bc h?c, sng ch?, cc nh v?n, nh th?, v c?ng ??c m? t? mnh c ???c ci g ? m?i ?? ?ng gp v?i ??t n??c, v?i nhn lo?i. Trong ??u ti n?y sinh cu h?i: "Nh?ng ng??i ? ngh? nh? th? no m ra ???c nh?ng ci tuy?t v?i nh? v?y?" Ngay c? khi gi?i bi t?p chung trn l?p, c nh?ng bi t?p cc b?n khc gi?i r?t nhanh, xung phong ln gi?i cho c? l?p, ti l?i th?c m?c: "Cc b?n ? ngh? nh? th? no m gi?i bi t?p nhanh th??"

Cc cu h?i ki?u ni trn cng ngy cng xu?t hi?n nhi?u l?n trong ti, ??n m?c, g?n nh? hng ngy. Ti ?em chng trao ??i v?i b?n b, h?i ng??i l?n nh?ng khng th?y th?a mn, ch?a k? c khi chnh cc cu tr? l?i l?i lm n?y sinh thm cc cu h?i m?i.

Khi h?c cc quy lu?t trong cc mn l, ha, sinh ti l?i lin h?: "Cn trong suy ngh? c quy lu?t khng?, T?i sao khng th?y d?y ? ph? thng hay ph?i h?c ln cao n?a?, T?i sao mnh khng t? tm hi?u cch ngh? c?a chnh mnh?"

Trong cc mn h?c, ??u tin ti ch?n mn ton ?? t? ki?m tra xem mnh ngh? nh? th? no khi gi?i cc bi t?p. Nhi?u l?n, sau khi gi?i xong m?t bi ton, ti h?i t??ng l?i cc b??c ngh? c?a mnh, c? g?ng l gi?i m?t cch lgch qu trnh suy ngh?, k? c? nh?ng bi ton m l?i gi?i b?t ra th?t b?t ng?, t??ng ch?ng nh? s? may m?n gip ??. Khng ph?i t?t c? cc bi ton ti ??u l gi?i ???c m?t cch lgch nh?ng l?n no thnh cng th th?y r?t ph?n kh?i. B?ng cch t? rt kinh nghi?m, ti th?y suy ngh? c?a mnh kh ln ?i cht, t? ? th?y t? tin h?n v yu thch gi?i bi t?p (khng ch? ring mn ton) h?n.

N?m 1967, ti ???c c? ?i h?c ngnh v?t l th?c nghi?m ? Lin X. Sau n?m d? b? h?c ti?ng Nga, ti vo h?c t?i ??i h?c t?ng h?p qu?c gia Azerbaigian, thnh ph? Baku. Ti?ng Nga, cc hi?u sch v cc th? vi?n ? t?o thm ?i?u ki?n cho ti ?i tm cu tr? l?i cho nh?ng cu h?i lu nay v?n c? m ?nh mnh. C th?i gian r?nh r?i, ti ?i d?o cc hi?u sch tm mua, vo cc th? vi?n tm ??c cc ti li?u ni v? ho?c lin quan ??n t? duy. Hi?u bi?t c?a ti t?ng ln r r?t. M?t s? ci ??c ???c ti p d?ng cho suy ngh? c?a mnh v th?y k?t qu? kh? quan. Tuy nhin ti v?n mu?n bi?t nhi?u h?n n?a, c? th? v thi?t th?c h?n n?a.

Ti cho r?ng, thi quen tm ki?m cc sch v? t? duy sng t?o ?? ??c ch?c ch?n gip ti, tr??c sau g c?ng ??n v?i TRIZ. V trong ci t?t y?u ? ? x?y ra ci ng?u nhin may m?n, khng g thay th? ???c.

N?m 1971, ti ?ang h?c n?m th? 4. M?t l?n, th?y d?y mn "L thuy?t ch?t r?n" ??n mu?n. Ti tranh th? ng?i tn dc v?i m?y b?n sinh vin Lin X ng?i c?nh. M??i l?m pht ? tri qua m th?y v?n ch?a ??n. Ti l?i ?em cc cu h?i v?n th??ng tr?c trong ??u ra trao ??i. Anh An?rei cho ti bi?t Hi?p h?i cc nh sng ch? v h?p l ha Lin X v?a thnh l?p Tr??ng ??i h?c sng t?o sng ch? (Public Institute of Inventive Creativity), d?y cc ph??ng php t? duy sng t?o. Chnh anh ?y ?ang theo h?c thm ? ? v th?y r?t th v?. Gi?ng nh? ng??i kht g?p n??c u?ng, ti li?n nh? An?rei sau bu?i h?c ? Tr??ng ??i h?c t?ng h?p d?n ti theo xin h?c.

Chng ti ?i s?m, ??n cho Th?y v sau vi cu gi?i thi?u c?a An?rei, ti v?i vng x? m?t trng di nh?ng g ? chu?n b? tr??c. Ch?ng l ti c nhi?u ci lo: tr??ng ? khai gi?ng ???c m?t th?i gian m by gi? mnh m?i ??n, l? ?? ch? r?i th sao, l? mn ny khng cho ng??i n??c ngoi h?c th sao, l?... Tm l?i ? l nh?ng n?i lo khng ???c nh?n vo h?c. Th?y l?ng nghe ch?m ch khng ng?t l?i v ch?ng d Th?y ch? ni ng?n g?n lm tiu tan lun nh?ng cu ti d? ??nh s? tr? l?i Th?y, n?u Th?y h?i. Th?y ni: "N?u anh yu thch t? duy sng t?o, xin m?i, anh c? vo h?c t? nhin. Ti ngh? r?ng nh?ng g h?c ? ?y s? gip ch cho anh v ??t n??c anh hng c?a anh. C g kh kh?n chng ti s? gip anh". Nghe th?y th? ti s??ng b?ng ng??i, t??ng ch?ng nh? chn khng cn ch?m ??t n?a. V t? ?, m?t cu?c ??i m?i b?t ??u.

? l l?n ??u tin ti g?p Th?y Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller. Ti c? ngh? r?ng ng??i d?y sng t?o ch?c ph?i nhi?u tu?i (?? c nhi?u kinh nghi?m sng t?o chia s? v?i nh?ng ng??i khc) nn kh ng?c nhin khi g?p Th?y. Th?y trng r?t th? thao, r?t thanh nin, c l? do dng ng??i cn ??i, nhanh nh?n, cch ?n m?c ??n gi?n (ti h?u nh? ch?a bao gi? th?y Th?y ?eo c v?t, k? c? ??n by gi? khi xem cc ?nh c?a Th?y ??ng trong cc bo, t?p ch v sch), cc c? ch? tho?i mi, g?n g?i. Th?y c khun m?t phc h?u, ?i m?t thng minh, ?m p, mi tc d?y mu h?t d? sng, h?i qu?n, b?ng b?nh. Ph?i ni l Th?y kh ??p trai theo ki?u truy?n th?ng. Sau ny ti m?i bi?t, lc ? Th?y 45 tu?i v c cc patent khi m?i 14 tu?i.

B?ng cch nh?n thng tin theo ???ng khc, cng h?c kha ??u (1971 1973) v?i ti cn c cc anh Nguy?n V?n Chn, Nguy?n V?n Thng; kha hai (1973 1975) c cc anh D??ng Xun B?o, Thi B C?n v Nguy?n V?n Th? l nh?ng l?u h?c sinh Vi?t Nam lc ?.

Tr??ng ??i h?c sng t?o sng ch? ???c thnh l?p theo sng ki?n c?a Th?y Altshuller v Th?y c?ng l ng??i c?u trc ch??ng trnh, n?i dung gi?ng d?y. Tr??ng c m?c ?ch ?o t?o cc nh sng ch? chuyn nghi?p, cc nh nghin c?u, gi?ng d?y ph??ng php lu?n sng t?o (PPLST) v cc nh t? ch?c ho?t ??ng sng t?o sng ch?. Tr??ng cn l n?i th? nghi?m cc k?t qu? nghin c?u m?i v? TRIZ v thng qua vi?c gi?ng d?y, p d?ng c?a cc h?c vin, c nh?ng ph?n h?i ?? hon thi?n thm TRIZ. Th?i gian h?c l hai n?m. Cc mn h?c chnh c?a tr??ng g?m:


M?t bu?i b?o v? lu?n n t?t nghi?p t?i H?c vi?n cng c?ng sng t?o sng ch?

  1. Ph??ng php lu?n sng t?o (g?m TRIZ l chnh v cc ph??ng php c?a cc tr??ng phi khc, k? c? c?a ph??ng Ty).
  2. Mn h?c pht tri?n tr t??ng t??ng sng t?o.
  3. Tm l h?c sng t?o.
  4. L thuy?t h? th?ng.
  5. L thuy?t thng tin.
  6. ?i?u khi?n h?c.
  7. L thuy?t ra quy?t ??nh.
  8. Patent h?c.
  9. Cc ph??ng php d? bo.
  10. L?ch s? pht tri?n khoa h?c k? thu?t.

Mn tri?t h?c ???c xem l ? h?c ? ??i h?c nn khng ??a vo ch??ng trnh.

M?t s? mn h?c k?t thc b?ng lm bi ki?m tra theo ki?u ??t khng ??t, m?t s? mn ph?i thi l?y ?i?m. Cu?i cng, ?? t?t nghi?p, m?i h?c vin ph?i lm lu?n n v b?o v? tr??c H?i ??ng khoa h?c c?a tr??ng. C hai lo?i ?? ti lu?n n: 1) gi?i m?t bi ton th?c t? ??t m?c ?? c th? nh?n patent (lu?n n g?m c? t? vi?t h? s? ??ng k sng ch?. 2) nghin c?u nh?m pht tri?n ti?p ph?n no ? trong PPLST.

Th?y Altshuller tr?c ti?p d?y hai mn ??u. ?y c?ng l hai mn nhi?u gi? nh?t v ph?i lm bi t?p trn l?p c?ng nh? ? nh nhi?u nh?t. Cng h?c, ti cng th?m tha l?i Th?y Altshuller: "V? lu di, gi?i bi t?p s? cng quan tr?ng h?n l thuy?t" v "H?c suy ngh? c?ng nh? h?c mn th? thao, do v?y, ph?i ch luy?n t?p th?t nhi?u ?? c ???c cc k? n?ng v tc phong c?n thi?t".


Nh? ti ? ni ? trn, ???c h?c tr?c ti?p Th?y Altshuller l ?i?u may m?n khng g c th? thay th? ???c. V?i th?i gian tri ?i, c?m nh?n c?a ti v? s? may m?n ? cng t?ng khi cng bi?t thm nhi?u thng tin v? Th?y.

Tr??c h?t, ??y l may m?n ???c h?c tc ph?m (TRIZ) tr?c ti?p t? tc gi?. Do v?y, ng??i h?c khng s? ph?i ti?p thu nh?ng ci "tam sao th?t b?n"! By gi?, khi vo Internet, theo di cc ho?t ??ng v? TRIZ trn th? gi?i, ti th?y hi?n t??ng hi?u l?ch l?c, d?y l?ch l?c v? TRIZ khng ph?i l qu hi?m. H?c tr?c ti?p tc gi?, ng??i h?c c th? h?i b?t k? ci g lin quan ??n tc ph?m v ???c gi?i ?p tin c?y, k? c? nh?ng chuy?n "h?u tr??ng", "b?p nc" ?? cho ra ??i tc ph?m. N?u b?n ch? h?c nh?ng th?y l ng??i "??c tr??c" ho?c "h?c tr??c" b?n, b?n s? khng c s? may m?n ?.

Tuy nhin, ? ?y c chuy?n, tc gi? c?a ki?n th?c ch?a ch?c l ng??i c kh? n?ng truy?n ??t thng su?t ki?n th?c ? cho nh?ng ng??i khc. Ki?n th?c l thng tin. ?? thng tin truy?n thng su?t cn ph? thu?c vo nhi?u y?u t? c?a chnh ng??i pht nh? x? l, m ha thng tin, c?a mi tr??ng truy?n tin, c?a trnh ?? ng??i nh?n tin. V? m?t ny ti l?i c m?t may m?n n?a: Th?y Altshuller l nh s? ph?m tuy?t v?i. V?i t? cch l ng??i h?c, quan st Th?y ti th?y, ngn ng? Th?y s? d?ng r?t trong sng, khng ph?c t?p, khng th?a v ?nh trng "?ch", gip ng??i nghe d? hi?u ?ng ngh?a c?n ph?i hi?u. Th?y lun s? d?ng cc hnh ?nh, hnh v? minh h?a. Bi gi?ng c?a Th?y ch?t ch?, mang tnh thuy?t ph?c cao, v c kh nhi?u nh?ng chi ti?t ??t. B?n th? so snh, c hai ng??i m?i b?n ?n m?t mn ?n l?. M?t ng??i ch? ni g?n l?n: "Mn ny ngon l?m, b?n ?n ?i". Ng??i kia khng dng t? "ngon l?m", "?n ?i" m ?i vo chi ti?t. ??n n?i, nghe ch?a xong b?n ? ?a n??c mi?ng v t? b?n g?p m?t mi?ng cho mnh. R rng b?n b? ng??i th? hai thuy?t ph?c h?n, thuy?t ph?c ??n n?i thc ??y hnh ??ng c?a b?n. Th?y c?ng r?t linh ??ng trong vi?c gi?ng bi ho?c tr? l?i cc cu h?i ty theo ??i t??ng l ai, ? trnh ?? no. Th?y c c? "kho" cc cch di?n ??t, cc v d? v cc tnh hu?ng ?i?n hnh l?y t? cc l?nh v?c khc nhau cho nn Th?y d? dng t?o s? t??ng h?p cao nh?t v?i ng??i nghe. Ch?a k?, Th?y c r?t nhi?u chuy?n vui, giai tho?i, chuy?n ti?u lm lin quan ??n sng t?o nn khng bu?i h?c no thi?u v?ng ti?ng c??i trong l?p. Nghe Th?y gi?ng bi, nhi?u lc ti c c?m t??ng Th?y khng ch? trnh by TRIZ nh? m?t l thuy?t m ???c nghe m?t cu chuy?n v? qu trnh nghin c?u, xy d?ng l thuy?t ?y. Vi?t ??n ?y, ti lin t??ng ??n cu ni c?a L.Tolxtoi: "?i?u qu bu c?n bi?t khng ph?i l qu? ??t trn m l lm th? no ?? ?i ??n k?t lu?n ?y". Ph?i ni r?ng Th?y ? "ht h?n" h?u h?t m?i ng??i trong l?p. Th?y l Th?y gio - Ngh? s?. Th?y l hi?n thn c?a ci ??p c?a s? truy?n t?i ci ??p nh?t, ng??i nh?t - s? sng t?o ??n v?i nh?ng ng??i h?c Th?y. C th? v Th?y cn l nh v?n vi?t truy?n khoa h?c vi?n t??ng ???c ?nh gi cao c?a Lin X.

Qua nh?ng cu Th?y tr? l?i cc th?c m?c c?a ti trn l?p, trong cc gi? ra ch?i, trong nh?ng l?n ??n th?m gia ?nh Th?y t?i nh ring v ??c bi?t trong th?i gian lm lu?n n t?t nghi?p, b?n thn ti c?m th?y mnh giu thm. B?i v, Th?y khng ch? gi?i ?p nh?ng ?i?u ti mu?n bi?t, mu?n hi?u, m cn g?i m? v? s? pht tri?n ti?p theo m th??ng ti khng nhn xa t?i m?c nh? v?y. ??ng th?i ti c?ng tr? nn nghim kh?c v?i chnh mnh h?n. Ch?ng l c nh?ng cu ti h?i, sau khi tr? l?i c?n k?, Th?y t?ng k?t: "Nh?ng g ti tr? l?i anh c n?m ngoi nh?ng g chng ta ? h?c ?u". nh m?t Th?y nhn ti nh? mu?n ni thm: "Anh c ?? ti?m n?ng ?? t? tr? l?i cu h?i c?a chnh mnh kia m. Tr??c h?t hy t? mnh lm, m?nh d?n ln anh b?n tr?". T? ?, ti t?p thi quen v?n d?ng nh?ng g mnh ? h?c ?? t? tr? l?i cc cu h?i. Khng ???c, m?i ?i h?i Th?y, h?i ng??i khc. ?i?u ny gip ti t?ng tnh t? tin v sau ny l tnh ??c l?p trong suy ngh?, trong nghin c?u khoa h?c.

Khi b??c vo giai ?o?n lm lu?n n t?t nghi?p, Th?y Altshuller khuy?n khch chng ti t? tm ?? ti thi?t th?c v?i l?nh v?c c? th? c?a t?ng h?c vin. Bi?t chuyn mn c?a ti l v?t l, Th?y g?i lm ?? ti theo h??ng xy d?ng "Ch? d?n s? d?ng cc hi?u ?ng v?t l trong sng t?o sng ch?". Trong khi ?, ci m ti tm ??c, th?m ch ?p ? t? lu l?i l ?? ti "Tnh tm l trong t? duy sng t?o".

Nh? ti ? ni ? ph?n ??u bi vi?t ny: khi cn h?c ph? thng ti ? nhi?u l?n t? tm hi?u cch suy ngh? c?a chnh mnh khi gi?i cc bi ton trong tr??ng h?c. Ti ?? , c nh?ng bi ton mnh khng gi?i ???c. Khi bi?t l?i gi?i ti th?y mnh khng gi?i ???c khng ph?i v mnh thi?u ki?n th?c, thi?u kh? n?ng c?n thi?t m d??ng nh? c m?t l?c no ? c?n tr? mnh s? d?ng ki?n th?c ?, kh? n?ng ? v r?t cay c v? ci l?c ?y. Sau ny ??c cc sch tm l h?c ti m?i bi?t tn g?i c?a n: tnh tm l. Chnh v ?? nhi?u ??n tnh tm l, b?n thn l?i v?p n kh nhi?u, c nhi?u xc c?m v? n nn ti mu?n lm theo mnh h?n l Th?y. Ti phn vn: ph?i l?a l?i ni v?i Th?y th? no cho ph?i ?y (v ? Vi?t Nam ti lun ???c gio d?c l ph?i vng l?i th?y, c). Cu?i cng, ti quy?t ??nh ni th?t v?i Th?y, b?i v ti c?ng ???c d?y ph?i "th?t th, d?ng c?m", c v?y l??ng tm ti m?i thanh th?n, ch?ng c?n cong queo lm g. Ti chu?n b? tinh th?n, n?u Th?y khng ch?u th ?nh vng l?i Th?y v?y. Khi ni v?i Th?y, ti t??ng Th?y s? ti?p t?c thuy?t ph?c ti theo ki?n c?a Th?y, ai d Th?y ??ng ngay: "N?u anh "yu" tnh tm l th xin m?i, b?t ??u ngay ?i". ??ng th?i Th?y c?ng ch? ra nh?ng kh kh?n m ti c?n ph?i hnh dung tr??c ?? v??t qua ??i v?i nh v?t l khi nh?y sang l?nh v?c tm l.

Vi?t lu?n n ???c ??n ?u, ti ??a Th?y xem ??n ?. C th?i gian th Th?y ng?i th?o lu?n v?i ti ngay, khng c th Th?y c?m v? ??c r?i h?n g?p. Th?y gp t?ng ph?n v lun ??t nhi?u cu h?i nh?: "V? ny ng??i ta ? lm ???c nh?ng g? ??ng trong ti li?u no? Anh c th?c s? ??c nguyn b?n khng? Anh ? tm h?t cc ngu?n thng tin ch?a? M?c ?ch anh mu?n ??t ???c trong lu?n n l g? Ci g l ci m?i c?a anh? Cc d? li?u anh ??a ra ? ?? thuy?t ph?c ch?a? Cn d? li?u no thuy?t ph?c h?n n?a khng? Anh kh?ng ??nh ci ny li?u c qu s?m khng? Cn cch gi?i thch no khc khng? Cn cch xem xt no n?a khng? Li?u anh c th? xy d?ng ???c cc cng c?, t nh?t d??i d?ng l?i khuyn ?? gip ng??i ta kh?c ph?c tnh tm l khng? ?? ti ny cn c th? pht tri?n ti?p v? nh?ng h??ng no?..." Th th?t, m?i bu?i lm vi?c v?i Th?y l m?i bu?i "?? m? hi h?t" v ti hi?u thm Th?y l ng??i r?t nghim kh?c trong cng vi?c nghin c?u khoa h?c. Chnh v ???c Th?y rn cho, nh?ng g h?c ???c t? Th?y ? r?t gip ch ti khi lm cc lu?n n ti?n s? (Doctor of Philosophy), ??c bi?t, ti?n s? khoa h?c (Doctor of Science) v? quang h?c cc ch?t bn d?n theo ngh? nh n??c c? ?i ?o t?o. Ring v? "tnh tm l", sau ny, ti pht tri?n ti?p thnh "tnh h? th?ng" bo co t?i H?i ngh? chu u v? sng t?o v ??i m?i, ??ng t?i H Lan v ??a vo gio trnh gi?ng d?y c?a TSK.

Khi ??a Th?y Altshuller xem l?i b?n th?o l?n cu?i cng tr??c khi chnh th?c ?nh my v ?ng lu?n n thnh quy?n, ti c ghi trn trang ??u: Ng??i h??ng d?n: G.S. Altshuller. Th?y nhn th?y v l?y bt g?ch b?. Th?y ti tr? m?t nhn Th?y ng?c nhin, Th?y c??i v tr? l?i: "Anh t? ch?n ?? ti v t? lm ch? khng ph?i ti. Anh ph?i t? ch?u trch nhi?m". Cu ni c?a Th?y th?t nhi?u ngh?a. B?n c th? hi?u l Th?y ?nh gi lu?n n thu?c lo?i xong, dnh tn mnh vo ch?ng b ?? tnh thm ?i?m cho cc danh hi?u ho?c h?c hm c?a Th?y, c khi cn m?t uy tn. B?n c th? hi?u l Th?y trung th?c v Th?y cho l Th?y ?ng vai tr ph?n bi?n, t? v?n h?n l h??ng d?n, h?n n?a Th?y mu?n nng cao tinh th?n t? ch?u trch nhi?m, t? t?o uy tn khoa h?c c?a h?c tr, khng d?a d?m vo uy tn c?a ng??i khc. Vi?t ??n ?y ti b?t gic nh? ??n chuy?n ti?u lm "Th? b?o v? lu?n n". Chuy?n k? r?ng, trong lu?n n c?a mnh th? ??a ra nh?ng k?t lu?n nh?, th? c th? ?n th?t ???c co, ch si, th?m ch c? g?u. Cu?i cng lu?n n v?n ???c thng qua. ??n gi?n v th?y c?a th? l s? t?.

Nhn ?y, ti mu?n ni thm m?t cht. Ti h?c v lm vi?c ? Lin X trong mi tr??ng gio d?c ??i h?c v nghin c?u khoa h?c ba ??t, t?ng c?ng kho?ng 12 n?m. Ti ?? cc th?y, cc nh khoa h?c th??ng khng p ??t t??ng nghin c?u cho cc h?c tr c?a mnh. Cc th?y s?n sng th?o lu?n, tranh lu?n v?i cc h?c tr c nh?ng t??ng khc. Ngay c? tr??ng h?p h?c tr v?n khng ch?u th?y th th?y c?ng khng dng quy?n uy ?? ng?n c?m h?c tr th?c hi?n t??ng nghin c?u c?a h?c tr. V?i ngh? v?t l th?c nghi?m c?a ti, ti ? kho?ng g?n ch?c l?n "??ng ??" v?i cc th?y nh? v?y. Tuy nhin, sau khi tranh lu?n, l?n no cc th?y c?ng b?o, ??i lo?i nh?: "M?u ??y, my ??y anh c? th?c hi?n cc th nghi?m theo anh ?i, xem sao, bi?t ?u..." Tuy nhin, cc th?y khng khoan nh??ng v c yu c?u r?t cao ??i v?i qu trnh, cch th?c th?c hi?n t??ng, ki?m tra cc k?t qu? thu ???c, x? l cc k?t qu?, gi?i thch chng v d? bo cc h? qu? c th? c...

Trong th?i gian Th?y Altshuller coi l?i l?n cu?i cng lu?n n, ti v?a m?ng v?a lo. M?ng v v?a hon thnh m?t cng vi?c yu thch. Lo v, theo yu c?u, lu?n n ph?i n?p d??i d?ng ?nh my, m ti?n thu ?nh my l c? v?n ?? ??i v?i h?c b?ng hng thng 60 rp c?a ti. Ti ? d? tnh c?t b?t m?t s? kho?n chi tiu.

Hm ??a l?i lu?n n, ??ng trong phong b l?n cho ti, Th?y ni: "Anh v? v? n?t cc hnh cn thi?u. Chc anh b?o v? lu?n n thnh cng". Th?y b?t tay ti r?i r?o b??c ?i. Su?t ???ng v?, ti v?n ch?a hi?u Th?y: trong lu?n n ??a Th?y, mnh ? v? t?t c? cc hnh r?i kia m, Th?y b?o v? n?t l sao? B??c vo phng ? k tc x, ch?a k?p ?ng c?a, ti m? ngay phong b ra xem: lu?n n c?a ti ? ???c ?nh my v?i nh?ng ch? tr?ng ???c ch?a ra ?? ti v? hnh vo ??y. L?n g?p sau, ti cm ?n Th?y. Th?y cho bi?t: "Ti?n th? c th? k c?a Tr??ng ?nh m?t s? v?n b?n, ti nh? ?nh lun". Th?y khuyn ti nn t? ?ng lu?n n thnh quy?n, ??ng thu cho t?n ti?n v ch? c g?n 40 trang. Th?y ni "ti?n th?" r?i li?n sau ? chuy?n sang chuy?n khc, nh?ng ti hi?u ?y l s? "c? gip" v khng ch? m?t l?n theo ci cch ?y. ?i?u ny ch?ng t? nh?ng g, chng ti - cc sinh vin Vi?t Nam - ni v?i Th?y vo gi? gi?i lao v khi ??n th?m gia ?nh Th?y ?? tr? l?i cc cu h?i t? m? c?a Th?y v? cu?c s?ng, h?c t?p, h?c b?ng, ?n, ?, k tc x... Th?y ??u nh? c? v Th?y s? d?ng ho?c t?o ra nh?ng d?p ?? "ti?n th?" gip chng ti. Qua cc l?i ni, cch ni v vi?c lm c?a Th?y v v? Th?y (C Valentina Nikolaevna Zhuravliova) chng ti c?m nh?n r s? ch?m sc ?m p nh? cha m? ??i v?i con ci. T? d?n d ph?i gi? ?m nh? th? no ?? ??ng b? c?m l?nh, nn ?n nh?ng mn g nhi?u, c?n ?i tham quan nh?ng ?u... ??n vi?c th??ng xuyn m?i chng ti v? nh Th?y, C cho c khng kh gia ?nh v bao gi? c?ng v?y, ph?i ?n v?i gia ?nh Th?y m?t b?a c?m m?i ???c v?. Tnh c?m ? an ?i chng ti r?t nhi?u v trong su?t 6 n?m h?c ? Lin X, chng ti khng m?t l?n v? php th?m nh.

Sau khi b?o v? lu?n n t?t nghi?p c?a c? hai tr??ng (bu?i b?o v? ny cch bu?i b?o v? kia m?t tu?n), ti ??n cho gia ?nh Th?y ?? v? n??c. Ti ghi l?i ??a ch? c?a mnh ? Vi?t Nam v h?a vi?t th? cho Th?y, C. Th?y l?y ra m?t t?p d?y cc t? gi?y ?nh my, ??a cho ti v ni: "?y l b?n th?o quy?n sch s? ra c?a ti. Anh c?m l?y mang v? Vi?t Nam. Sau khi sch in chnh th?c ti s? g?i thm theo ???ng b?u ?i?n. R?i g?i b? th?t l?c th t ra anh c?ng c b?n th?o. Cho chng ti g?i l?i chc t?t lnh nh?t ??n gia ?nh anh. ??t n??c anh nh?t ??nh s? th?ng nh?t hon ton". Ti c?ng ni thm l c kh? n?ng m?t th?i gian ng?n sau ti s? quay l?i Lin X v ???c ??i h?c t?ng h?p qu?c gia Azerbaigian ?? ngh? chuy?n ti?p lm nghin c?u sinh. Nh?ng theo quy ??nh, tr??c h?t ti ph?i v? n??c ?. Lc ? l ??u h n?m 1973, Hi?p ??nh Paris ???c k k?t cch ? ch?a lu. Th?y gi? l?i h?a, v ?? b?o ??m ch?c ch?n, Th?y g?i qua nh?ng sinh vin Vi?t Nam v? n??c sau ti nh?ng ti li?u c?n thi?t.

Mi ??n cu?i n?m 1982, sau b?n l?n h?t ?i nghin c?u sinh v nh?ng l do quan liu khng ?ng c, qua ???c k? thi tuy?n kh m?t m?i v? nhi?u ph??ng di?n, ti tr? l?i Lin X. L?n ny l ? ??i h?c t?ng h?p qu?c gia Leningrad (Saint Petersburg ngy nay), cch Baku vi ngn cy s?. Ngy 2.1.1983 Th?y Altshuller tr? l?i: "R?t m?ng nh?n ???c th? c?a anh t? Leningrad. Th?t tuy?t v?i l anh ? ?ng Leningrad. ? ? c cc tr??ng TRIZ, nhi?u gi?ng vin v nhi?u ng??i nghin c?u TRIZ. H? s? cho anh bi?t tnh hnh v gi?i thi?u v?i anh v? thnh t?u hi?n nay c?ng nh? cc v?n ?? c?a TRIZ. Ti thng bo ngay ?y cc ??a ch? c?a m?t s? ng??i ? Leningrad".

Ti?p theo, Th?y li?t k tn, h?, ??a ch?, s? ?i?n tho?i c?a ba ng??i: V.M. Petrov(1), E. Zlotina(2), V.V. Mitrofanov(3) v d?n: "Anh ni v?i h? r?ng ti gi?i thi?u anh g?p h? v hm nay ti s? vi?t cho Zlotina ?? bo tr??c ?i?u ?". Th?y vi?t thm: "Hm nay ti s? g?i theo ???ng b?u ?i?n cho anh cc quy?n sch 'Sng t?o nh? l khoa h?c chnh xc', 'Nh?ng ?i cnh cho Ikar' v v?n b?n m?i 'ARIZ-82B'. Ti c?ng s? vi?t cho nh?ng ng??i Leningrad ?? h? cung c?p thm cho anh cc ti li?u khc. V? t?p ch 'K? thu?t v khoa h?c'(4) th? no r?i? Anh ? k?p ??t cho n?m 1983 ch?a? K? c? cc s? c?a nh?ng n?m tr??c? Anh nh?t ??nh ph?i ??c cc s? t? 1 ??n 9 n?m 1981, t? 3 ??n 5 v s? 8 n?m 1982".

Th?y l?i nh?c l?i l?i ?? ngh? c?a h?n 10 n?m tr??c, c tnh ??n thch c?a ti khi lm lu?n n t?t nghi?p ? Baku: "Ti r?t mu?n trong th?i gian ? Lin X l?n ny, anh lm ci g ? lin quan ??n 'Ch? d?n s? d?ng cc hi?u ?ng v?t l trong sng t?o sng ch?'. N?u c?n, t?p ch ni trn s? ??ng cc k?t qu? nghin c?u c?a anh. C?ng c th? l cc cng trnh v? tm l h?c... Chc m?ng anh nhn d?p n?m m?i v chc anh s?c kh?e cng m?i ?i?u may m?n ? Leningrad".

??u thng 10 n?m 1983, ti xu?ng Baku v?i m?c ?ch th?m l?i tr??ng c?, cc th?y c, b?n h?c v ??c bi?t gia ?nh Th?y Altshuller. Ti lun nh? ??n chuy?n ?i ny nh? m?t chuy?n ?i c?c k? c?m ??ng, th v? v ch?c khng th? l?p l?i ???c l?n th? hai v nhi?u l do m cc b?n c th? ?on ra. B?n thn ti, sau 10 n?m lm vi?c, p d?ng TRIZ, l?p gia ?nh, c con, va ch?m v?i th?c t?, v?i ??i, so v?i h?i sinh vin ? gi d?n h?n nhi?u. G?p Th?y, C l?n ny, cc cu chuy?n trao ??i trong su?t ngy hm ?y ?i vo chi?u su h?n, ?? c?p c? ??n nh?ng ?? ti thu?c lo?i "t? nh?" theo quan ni?m c?a th?i k? ?. Ti bi?t ???c nhi?u h?n v? nh?ng "th?ng tr?m" c?a cu?c ??i Th?y c?ng nh? nh?ng d? bo c?a Th?y v? TRIZ. Ti c?ng trnh by nh?ng vi?c ? lm ???c ? Vi?t Nam v cc t??ng pht tri?n TRIZ c?a mnh. Th?y t? ra h?t s?c ?ng h?, gp nhi?u ki?n, kinh nghi?m qu bu c?a chnh ng??i ? t?ng tr?i qua. Ch? no khng ??ng v?i ti, Th?y ch? ni: "C th? nh? v?y v anh r h?n ti trong chuy?n ?". Th?y t?ng ti thm cc ti li?u v? TRIZ v nh?ng v?n ?? lin quan g?m cc t?p ch, sch, cc cng trnh nghin c?u m?i ? d?ng ?nh my.

Th?y ti?n ti ra b?n xe but, th?y l?ng Th?y b?t ??u cng xu?ng, dng ?i khng cn nhanh nh?n nh? tr??c, ti th?y th??ng Th?y v h?n v mong Th?y lun m?nh kh?e, s?ng lu, th?t lu.

Khc h?n v?i lc ?i, ch? c chi?c ti du l?ch nh?, ti bay v? l?i Leningrad v?i hnh l, ngoi tiu chu?n mi?n c??c 20 kg cn ph?i n?p ti?n c??c qu t?i c?ng kho?ng ch?ng ? k n?a, g?m ph?n l?n l qu t?ng c?a cc th?y, c, b?n h?c c? c?a c? hai Tr??ng. Ring s? ti li?u Th?y Altshuller cho ti c?ng ph?i h?n 10 kg.

Nh? Th?y v cc ??ng nghi?p TRIZ ti lun ???c nhanh chng c?p nh?t v?i nh?ng b??c pht tri?n, nh?ng nghin c?u m?i v? TRIZ (g?m c? nh?ng ci sau ny m?i cng b? chnh th?c d??i d?ng cc bi bo hay sch). L?n gi? cc th? Th?y vi?t, ti g?p l?i nh?ng dng th??ng xuyn c trong cc th? c?a Th?y nh?: "Hy bo cho ti bi?t ti li?u ny... ti li?u kia... anh ? c ch?a ?? ti g?i cho anh". Ho?c l: "B?u ki?n ti g?i cho anh hm nay g?m nh?ng ti li?u sau..."


?nh th?y Altshuller v?i l?i ?? ? m?t sau:

"T?ng Phan D?ng - v?i s? knh tr?ng v cc l?i chc t?t ??p nh?t.



C l?n, khi ?ang ? Lin X l?n th? ba ?? lm lu?n n ti?n s? khoa h?c, ti pht hi?n ra hai quy?n sch(5) trong b?u ki?n Th?y g?i. ?y l hai quy?n cc h?c tr Th?y vi?t v? TRIZ v ho?t ??ng gi?ng d?y TRIZ c l?i ?? t?ng Th?y b?ng bt m?c ngay ? trang ??u tin. Ti g?i ?i?n h?i l?i Th?y: "Th?a Th?y, ?y l cc sch do cc tc gi? t?ng ring Th?y, ch?c Th?y b? l?n vo b?u ki?n?". Nghe ti?ng Th?y c??i: "Khng ph?i b? l?n ?u. Anh c?n nh?ng sch ? h?n ti". Th?y ti im l?ng, Th?y ?on ti ?ang b?n kho?n, lng tng nn ni thm: "Anh ??ng lo, ti s? ni v?i h? r?ng ti t?ng l?i anh. Thi chng ta ni sang chuy?n khc ?i"...

Cn ?y l b?c th? cu?i cng, ngy 2.2.1997 c?a Th?y: "Ti ? nh?n ???c th? ?? ngy 6.1.1997 cng bo co v? chuy?n ?i d?y Malaysia v cc ?nh ch?p c?a anh. Cm ?n anh".

"Ti g?i cho anh 'B?n tin' c?a Hi?p h?i TRIZ. Ti r?t mu?n anh bi?t t?t c? cc ho?t ??ng".

"TRIZ b?t ??u nh?ng b??c di ? ph??ng Ty. Ng??i ta thnh l?p cc Vi?n, Tr??ng, c? g?ng d?ch cc ti li?u v? TRIZ. Quy?n sch "V nh sng ch? ? xu?t hi?n ngay ?y" d?ch sang ti?ng Anh (? M?) ? in xong. Nh?n ???c ti s? g?i cho anh. Hy vi?t th? th??ng xuyn h?n cho ti. Chc m?i ?i?u t?t lnh".

"Ti bt: Anh ? nh?n ???c hai cu?n sch 'Lm th? no tr? thnh thin ti' v 'Gc cng ph' ch?a?".

Ti m?t lin l?c v?i Th?y t? ?, m?c d c vi?t thm vi th? n?a cho Th?y. Ti ngh? l Th?y l?i ??i ??a ch?, nh? ? c l?n x?y ra, khi gia ?nh Th?y chuy?n t? Baku ln s?ng ? thnh ph? Petrozavodsk, nh?ng... c?ng c th? bi?t ?u... Ti ? vi l?n rng mnh khi ngh? ti?p ??n ?i?u ?. Cu?i n?m 1998, TSK ???c n?i Internet, thng qua cc websites v? TRIZ c?a M? ti m?i bi?t tin Th?y m?t ngy 24.9.1998 sau m?t th?i gian di lm b?nh n?ng.

Bi?t tin Th?y m?t, ti v?i ?nh ?i?n chia bu?n v?i gia ?nh Th?y. Sau ?, ?? c th? ni chuy?n v n l?i nh?ng k? ni?m v? Th?y nhi?u h?n, ti g?i ?i?n tho?i ??n C Valentina Nhikolaevna v? Th?y. Trong bu?i ni chuy?n ?y, ti ???c nghe C nh?c ?i, nh?c l?i vi l?n: "Cc anh, nh?ng sinh vin Vi?t Nam l nh?ng ng??i may m?n v ???c h?c tr?c ti?p Genrikh Saulovich trong m?t th?i gian di. Nhi?u ng??i lm vi?c trong l?nh v?c TRIZ khng may m?n nh? th? ?u".


Trong thm tm, ti lun hi?u r?ng, ???c h?c, lm vi?c tr?c ti?p v sau ny l trao ??i th? t? v?i Th?y, ti c ???c c? h?i hi?m hoi ?? hon thi?n chnh b?n thn mnh. Nhi?u ng??i cho r?ng, m?t trong nh?ng cch h?c hi?u qu? nh?t l b?t ch??c theo g??ng ng??i khc m?t cch t? nguy?n t? nhin, xu?t pht t? nhu c?u, xc c?m bn trong c?a ng??i h?c. B?n th? quan st ??a tr? h?c ni trong gia ?nh ch?ng h?n. Lm g c l?p h?c, th?i kha bi?u hay th?y, c chnh th?c nh? cch hi?u thng th??ng. ??a b s?ng, ch?i ?a, giao ti?p m?t cch t? nhin, khng th?c v? vi?c "h?c", v?y m h?c ni r?t nhanh, ti?n b? t?ng ngy. Ho?c n?u b?n ???c s?ng cng v?i ng??i lm b?n knh tr?ng, c?m ph?c, yu m?n v ng??i ? h?n b?n v? nhi?u ph??ng di?n, b?n s? h?c ???c r?t nhi?u t? ng??i ? theo ki?u "ly nhi?m" (hi?u theo ngh?a t?t ??p), m?c d chnh ng??i ? khng c? d?y v b?n c?ng khng c? h?c. Cch h?c "t? nhin" ny hi?u qu? ? ch?, nh?ng g b?n h?c ???c th?c s? tiu ha v tr? thnh mu th?t c?a b?n, tc phong c?a b?n.

H?i t??ng l?i nh?ng g bi?t v? Th?y (m?t cch tr?c ti?p, thng qua cc b?n TRIZ v h?i k c?a cc ??ng nghi?p khc), ti th??ng c ngh? r?ng Th?y v?a c th?t, v?a khng c th?t. Th?y c th?t nh? l m?t ng??i tr?n gian b?ng x??ng, b?ng th?t m ti ???c h?c. V khng c th?t nh? l m?t nhn v?t huy?n tho?i b??c ra t? trang sch vi?t v? cc danh nhn. Ch?ng l, ti ? ??c kh nhi?u chuy?n k? v? cu?c ??i c?a cc danh nhn. Nhi?u ng??i trong s? h? b? mi tr??ng (hi?u theo ngh?a r?ng) c?n ph, th?m ch vi d?p, nh?ng v?i nh?ng n? l?c phi th??ng v kin tr chn l ?? cu?i cng h? c ???c nh?ng ?ng gp l?n vo s? pht tri?n, ???c nhn lo?i ??i ??i ghi nh?n. ??c th ??c th?, bi?t th? nh?ng tr??c khi g?p Th?y Altshuller, ti khng c may m?n g?p, h?c v lm vi?c tr?c ti?p v?i nh?ng ng??i nh? v?y.

Cu?c ??i Th?y, c th? ni, ? g?p kh kh?n ngay t? trong b?ng m?. Cha, m? Th?y quen v yu nhau khi cng lm vi?c t?i Hng thng t?n n??c C?ng ha Azerbaigian (m?t trong 15 n??c C?ng ha thu?c Lin X tr??c ?y), ? Baku. Cha Th?y ? c m?t ??i v? nn khi xin c??i, gia ?nh bn m? Th?y ph?n ??i quy?t li?t. Cha, m? Th?y ph?i lnh sang thnh ph? Tashkent, th? ? n??c C?ng ha Uzbekistan v sinh Th?y ? ? ngy 15.10.1926. N?m 1928, gia ?nh Th?y chuy?n l?i v? s?ng v lm vi?c ? Baku trong s? khng hi lng c?a nh?ng ng??i thn bn gia ?nh m?.

Cha, m? Th?y lm vi?c trong l?nh v?c bo ch, nh c r?t nhi?u sch ? gip Th?y c ???c s? say m ??c sch ngay t? khi cn nh?. ? tr??ng, Th?y ???c h?c v?i nhi?u th?y, c chuyn nghi?p, yu ngh? v t?n t?y v?i h?c sinh. Nh?ng ?i?u ny gip Th?y s?m h??ng ??n nh?ng ci m?i, khm ph v lm ra nh?ng ci m?i. Th?y nh?n ???c patent ??u tin khi cn l h?c sinh ph? thng.

Pht xt ??c t?n cng Lin X n?m 1941, khi Th?y 15 tu?i. T?t nghi?p ph? thng, Th?y gia nh?p qun ??i v ???c phn v? m?t trung ?on b? binh. T? ?, ng??i ta c? Th?y ?i h?c Tr??ng khng qun. H?c xong (n?m 1945) c?ng l lc chi?n tranh k?t thc, Th?y xin chuy?n v? lm vi?c t?i Ban patent thu?c h?m ??i Caspian, ?ng ? Baku. Chnh t?i ?y, s? thch th cng vi?c sng ch? t? nh? c?ng v?i yu c?u cng vi?c: theo di thng tin patent, th?m ??nh cc sng ch?, gp ki?n vo cc gi?i php c?a cc nh sng ch?... N?m 1946, Th?y b?t ??u nung n?u ??nh xy d?ng l thuy?t gi?i cc bi ton sng ch? (TRIZ) gip ch cho m?i ng??i sng t?o theo ph??ng php khoa h?c, thay cho m?c ?ch ban ??u: lm sao b?n thn mnh nh?n ???c nhi?u patent.

N?m 1949, nhn tm ra cng th?c m?t lo?i thu?c n? c?c m?nh, Th?y cng v?i b?n l ng R. Shapiro vi?t th? th?ng cho Stalin. Th? vi?t trong n?a n?m tr?i, di 30 trang. Ngoi vi?c trnh by tm t?t sng ch? c?a mnh, trong th? cn c nhi?u ki?n ngh? c?i cch h? th?ng patent v cc ho?t ??ng sng t?o sng ch? c?a Lin X. Do s? "hi?u l?m", hai ng??i b? vu co l c m m?u ?nh bom Qu?ng tr??ng ??, b? b?t n?m 1950, b? x? t v lao ??ng kh? sai 25 n?m, ?y ?i vng b?ng gi Vorkuta khai thc than. Trong th?i gian ? "tr?i", cha Th?y m?t. M? Th?y sau nhi?u l?n g c?a, g?i ??n xin n x cho con mnh nh?ng khng ???c, ? t? t? vo n?m 1953 v qu ?au kh?. Cng n?m ? Stalin ch?t, ng??i ta b?t ??u xem xt l?i cc b?n n. N?m 1954, Th?y v ng Shapiro ???c tr? t? do, ???c khi ph?c l?i danh d?. Tr? v? Baku, Th?y ph?i ??i r?t nhi?u ch? lm vi?c, v mu?n hay khng mu?n, "k? ? t?ng ? t" v?n l k? khng ???c hoan nghnh khi xin vi?c. Cu?i cng, Th?y quy?t ??nh lm ngh? "t? do": vi?t bo v sau ? l sch, s?ng nh? vo ti?n nhu?n bt ?? c th?i gian ???c lm cng vi?c yu thch ?? ra t? n?m 1946. Nhi?u l?n, nhu?n bt khng ?? s?ng, Th?y ph?i mang bn nh?ng quy?n sch s?u t?m t? nhi?u n?m m Th?y qu nh? con cho cc c?a hng mua bn sch c?.

Nh?ng k?t qu? nghin c?u ??u tin, ??t n?n mng cho TRIZ, Th?y v ng Shapiro cng b? trn t?p ch "Cc v?n ?? tm l h?c" (s? 6, n?m 1956, trang 37 49). Sau ny, ng Shapiro di c? sang Israel, ch? cn mnh Th?y Altshuller ti?p t?c cc cng vi?c lin quan ??n TRIZ. T? n?m 1958, Th?y b?t ??u ph? bi?n TRIZ thng qua cc seminar, tr??c h?t ? Baku, sau ? l ? cc thnh ph? khc nh? Matsc?va, ?onhetsk, Tambov, Ryazan... Trn c? s? k?t qu? c?a nh?ng seminar ny, su?t 9 n?m tr?i, t? 1959 ??n h?t 1967 Th?y lin t?c vi?t th? cho H?i ??ng trung ??ng c?a Hi?p h?i ton lin bang cc nh sng ch? v h?p l ha Lin X (vi?t t?t theo ti?ng Nga l VOIR) v?i nhi?u ki?n ngh? nh?ng khng nh?n ???c ph?n ?ng tch c?c no, m?c d nh?ng ki?n ngh? ? thu?c ch?c n?ng ho?t ??ng c?a VOIR. Ch? ??n n?m 1968, ch? t?ch H?i ??ng trung ??ng VOIR l Ivanov b? b?nh n?ng, th? k H?i ??ng V.N. Tiurin t?m th?i thay th?, tnh hnh m?i tr? nn sng s?a h?n: Phng th nghi?m cc ph??ng php sng ch? (OLMI) ???c thnh l?p n?m 1968 v H?c vi?n cng c?ng v? sng t?o sng ch? (AzOIIT) n?m 1971 t?i Baku. N?m 1972, Sofonov ch? t?ch m?i ???c b?u c?a H?i ??ng trung ??ng VOIR l?i ti?p t?c chnh sch c?, gy nhi?u kh kh?n cho cc ho?t ??ng c?a Th?y Altshuller. ??nh cao c?a s? c?ng th?ng x?y ra vo n?m 1974. Vi?n c? Th?y Altshuller c nh?n m?t s? cn b? c?a Tr??ng nng cao trnh ?? qu?n l tr?c thu?c H?i ??ng b? tr??ng Ba Lan sang Baku h?c m khng thng qua H?i ??ng trung ??ng VOIR, Sofonov ra quy?t ??nh ?ng c?a OLMI. ?? ph?n ??i, Th?y Altshuller rt kh?i AzOIIT.

T? ?, cc ho?t ??ng nghin c?u, ph? bi?n TRIZ ???c th?c hi?n hon ton d?a trn s? ham thch, say m c?a nh?ng ng??i t? nguy?n (theo ki?u "?n c?m nh vc t v hng t?ng") d??i s? d?n d?t c?a Th?y Altshuller m khng c s? ??u t? chnh th?c no c?a nh n??c, cc ?on th? c?ng nh? cc t? ch?c x h?i. Th?y cng cc h?c tr c?a mnh th?c hi?n cc bu?i d?y TRIZ theo ki?u "du m?c" t? thnh ph? ny sang thnh ph? khc r?i ti?n t?i thnh l?p cc nhm, cc Trung tm, Tr??ng ??t nh? trong cc Cu l?c b?, cc Nh v?n ha... ??n nh?ng n?m 1980, hng tr?m thnh ph? c?a Lin X c ???c nh?ng ??a ?i?m nh? v?y. T? ch? ch? c m?t mnh Th?y d?y TRIZ vo nh?ng n?m 1950, 3 ng??i n?m 1968 ??n h?n 200 ng??i n?m 1979. Ti?p ? l cc H?i ngh? khoa h?c chuyn v? TRIZ ???c t? ch?c vo cc n?m 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988... v?i s? l??ng ng??i tham gia ngy cng ?ng. Hi?p h?i TRIZ (TRIZ Association) ???c thnh l?p n?m 1989 v T?p ch TRIZ (Journal of TRIZ) n?m 1990. S? l?n m?nh c?a phong tro TRIZ bu?c VOIR v ?y ban nh n??c v? sng ch? (GOSKOMIZOBRETENIE) n?m 1988 ra quy?t ??nh ?ng h? vi?c t? ch?c h? th?ng gi?ng d?y cc ph??ng php sng t?o sng ch? (m?t vi?c lm m theo Th?y Altshuller ch?m m?t 20 n?m).

Cng v?i vi?c chi?n tranh l?nh k?t thc, Lin X chuy?n sang kinh t? th? tr??ng, s? pht tri?n TRIZ g?p nh?ng kh kh?n v thu?n l?i m?i. Nh? giao l?u gi?a ?ng v Ty thng su?t h?n tr??c, cc n??c t? b?n pht tri?n ? pht hi?n ra TRIZ v ti?n hnh du nh?p TRIZ vo ??t n??c h? (xem thm bi "Th?y Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller: Ti?u s? v s? nghi?p"). Ngy nay phong tro TRIZ tr? thnh phong tro qu?c t? v thu?t ng? TRIZ thu?t ng? qu?c t?. Th?t v cng ?ng ti?c, ?ng vo th?i ?i?m b??c ngo?t nh? v?y Th?y Altshuller ? v?nh vi?n ra ?i ngy 24.09.1998 ?? l?i bao th??ng ti?c. t ra, c m?t ?i?u an ?i, Th?y ? ch?ng ki?n ???c ??a con TRIZ c?a mnh ???c cng nh?n ? ph?m vi qu?c t? nh? th? no.

"C b?t m?i g?t nn h?

Tay khng d?ng n?i c? ?? m?i ngoan"

C th? ni, Th?y Altshuller ? lm nn s? nghi?p r?t m?i t? tay khng, trong nh?ng ?i?u ki?n h?t s?c kh kh?n. Th? t??ng t??ng, Lin X tr??c ?y ch?a ?i theo kinh t? th? tr??ng. N?n kinh t? ch? c hai thnh ph?n: qu?c doanh v t?p th?, ???c ?i?u hnh theo ki?u k? ho?ch ha c?ng nh?c, ch? huy t? trung ??ng. Cc nghin c?u khoa h?c, k? thu?t ??u t?p trung t?i cc vi?n, tr??ng thu?c nh n??c. Trong khi ?, Th?y l?i l ng??i ch?ng c "bin ch?" ? ?u c?, ch?ng ai cho "kinh ph" ?? ho?t ??ng v mu?n xin c?ng khng c ch? ?? xin. V khng thu?c di?n "bin ch?", m?c d ???c nhi?u n??c m?i Th?y tham d? v ??c bo co t?i cc h?i ngh? khoa h?c qu?c t?, theo lu?t Lin X lc ?, Th?y khng ???c c?p h? chi?u. Th?i c?i t? (perestroika), vi?c ?i n??c ngoi tr? nn d? dng h?n th s?c kh?e c?a Th?y l?i khng cho php. Cho ??n lc m?t, Th?y ch?a m?t l?n ???c "xu?t ngo?i", k? c? sang cc n??c x h?i ch? ngh?a b b?n. Kh kh?n cn l?n n?a, ngoi chuy?n "kinh ph", khi Th?y m? ra m?t h??ng nghin c?u m?i m b?n thn mnh l?i khng c h?c v? khoa h?c t?i thi?u: Kandidat Nauk (Ph.D). Th?y, d??i con m?t c?a ph?n l?n nh?ng nh khoa h?c lm trong cc vi?n v tr??ng ch? l ng??i "ngo?i ??o", ch?a ?? t? cch khoa h?c ?? pht bi?u v? cc v?n ?? chuyn mn. Ngoi ra, cn nhi?u nh?ng phn bi?t ??i x? t? nh? khc nh? g?c Do Thi c?a Th?y.

Suy ngh? v? s? nghi?p c?a Th?y, ch? quan ti cho r?ng, t nh?t, c nh?ng nguyn nhn sau ?? Th?y kin tr hnh ??ng theo h??ng l t??ng m Th?y tm ra:

  1. Victor Hugo vi?t: "C m?t th? m?nh h?n t?t c? cc ??o qun trn th? gi?i. ? l t??ng m th?i ??i c?a t??ng ? ? ??n" (There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world. And that is an idea whose time has come).

    Ph?i ch?ng Th?y ? th?y tr??c "th?i ??i c?a t??ng" ?y nn Th?y tr? nn m?nh v ngy cng ???c nhi?u ng??i ?ng h?, ?i theo Th?y trong ph?m vi qu?c gia v qu?c t?. Sau ny, t? nh?ng n?m 1990 cng ngy, cng c nhi?u nh nghin c?u ni v? th?i ??i sng t?o ti?p sau th?i ??i tin h?c.

  2. Khng d?ng ? m?c ?? t??ng, Th?y l ng??i hnh ??ng, ng??i th?c hi?n ?? ??a t??ng vo cu?c s?ng, ti?n t?i "??i m?i hon ton" (full innovation) b?ng chnh nh?ng lu?n ?i?m gi?i quy?t v?n ?? do mnh tm ra nh? "h? ph?i thay ??i t nh?t", ph?i ti?n t?i "h? l t??ng" ("t? mnh" ch? khng l?p "h? m?i" ngay), ph?i "t?n d?ng cc ngu?n d? tr? c s?n trong h?", ??c bi?t "cc ngu?n d? tr? khng m?t ti?n", ph?i tm v gi?i quy?t mu thu?n c?t li l "nh?ng mu thu?n v?t l", lun h??ng ??n "k?t qu? l t??ng cu?i cng gi?i h?n" nh?ng c?ng r?t linh ??ng, khng c?u ton...
  3. Nh?ng hnh ??ng c?a Th?y xu?t pht v ???c thc ??y b?i tnh c?m l?n: tnh yu nhn lo?i ??n t?ng ng??i m?t. Th?y th??ng ni, ??i : "Sng t?o c th? v c?n ph?i khoa h?c ha. Khoa h?c sng t?o s? l khoa h?c chnh xc, c th? d?y v h?c ???c ?? m?i ng??i bnh th??ng (k? c? cc b n?i tr?) c th? sng t?o m?t cch khoa h?c, c ph??ng php". Nh?ng ng??i bi?t Th?y ??u khm ph?c s?c lm vi?c c?a Th?y. C ng??i cho r?ng, Th?y lm vi?c t??ng ???ng v?i m?t vi?n nghin c?u. Nh?ng sch v? sng t?o v cc truy?n khoa h?c vi?n t??ng ? in c?a Th?y ch? l ph?n n?i c?a t?ng b?ng cng vi?c Th?y ? lm. ?? hnh dung s?c lm vi?c c?a Th?y, d??i ?y xin ??n c? m?t vi?c khng l?n: Th?y ??c v vi?t th?. T? n?m 1974 ??n 1986, Th?y c?ng tc v?i bo "S? th?t thi?u nhi" m? chuyn m?c "Sng ch?? Th?t ph?c t?p! Th?t ??n gi?n!" nh?m ??a TRIZ ??n v?i th? h? tr?. Sau nh?ng s? ??u tin pht hnh, Th?y nh?n ???c kho?ng vi tr?m th? ph?n h?i. V? sau, s? l??ng th? t?ng d?n v ??t m?c 6 ??n 8 ngn l th? g?i ??n Th?y cho m?i s? bo ra. Ring s? th? Th?y ??c lin quan ??n m?t cng vi?c ny thi ? kho?ng 220.000. ?? lnh ??o phong tro TRIZ, Th?y ph?i vi?t t nh?t 20 l th? m?i ngy cho cc h?c tr c?a mnh ? nh?ng thnh ph? khc. Tnh c?m l?n, c l?, cn gip Th?y v??t qua m?i c?n ph m?t cch bnh t?nh v nh?ng n?i ?au ring. Cha Th?y m?t, m? Th?y t? t? khi Th?y b? giam trong tr?i t kh? sai. Sau ny, n?m 1985 con trai duy nh?t c?a Th?y, Evghnhi (m chng ti th??ng g?i thn m?t l Ginhia, km ti kho?ng 10 tu?i) ch?t m?t cch oan u?ng do sai st c?a b?nh vi?n khi m? ru?t th?a, ?? l?i cho v? ch?ng Th?y ??a chu n?i gi Yuna m?i sinh.

Ngoi ra ?? thnh cng, c?n ph?i k? ??n nh?ng may m?n c?a Th?y nh? Th?y c c Valentina Nhikolaevna* , ng??i v? chung th?y, ng??i b?n cng l t??ng ? s? chia, gip ?? Th?y v nh?ng ng??i b?n, nh?ng ng??i h?c tr, nh?ng ng??i ?ng h? Th?y... Nh?ng may m?n thu?c v? ??i th??ng, nh?ng khng ph?i ai c?ng c ???c.

"Khng th?y ?? my lm nn". M?i chng ta ??u c v bi?t ?n nh?ng ng??i th?y (hi?u theo ngh?a r?ng) ? gip mnh nn ng??i. Ti c nhi?u th?y, c nh? th?. Tuy nhin, cng b?ng m ni, Th?y Altshuller ?? l?i trong ti nh?ng d?u ?n su ??m nh?t. Ti ? may m?n ???c h?c Th?y.

Cc b?n c th? h?i: "?y l ???c h?c cn h?c ???c th sao?" Ti xin tr? l?i: "Ti ch? m?i h?c ???c m?t ph?n r?t nh? c?a Th?y Atlshuller. Nh? nh?ng m l?n ??i v?i ti v ci h?c ???c t? Th?y ? thay ??i cu?c ??i ti m?t cch c?n b?n so v?i khi ti ch?a ???c may m?n h?c Th?y"

1 V.M. Petrov ??u nh?ng n?m 1990 di c? sang Israel. Hi?n nay l ch? t?ch Hi?p h?i TRIZ - Israel (Association TRIZ - Israel).

2 E. Zlotina ??u nh?ng n?m 1990 di c? sang Israel. M?t ngy 8.12.1998 v b?nh ung th?.

3 V.V. Mitrofanov lc ? l hi?u tr??ng ??i h?c nhn dn sng t?o khoa h?c - k? thu?t Leningrad v hi?n nay l ch? t?ch ?on ch? t?ch Hi?p h?i TRIZ qu?c t? c tr? s? ?ng t?i Saint Petersburg.

4 T?p ch "K? thu?t v khoa h?c" ???c thnh l?p t? n?m 1894, ra hng thng, xu?t b?n t?i Masc?va, chuyn v? khoa h?c, k? thu?t v s?n xu?t. Th?i k? chnh quy?n x vi?t, t?p ch tr?c thu?c H?i ??ng lin bang cc hi?p h?i khoa h?c - k? thu?t.

5 ? l hai quy?n sch:

1. V.V. Mitrofanov v T.A. Emeliantseva. "?o t?o cc nh sng ch? v h?p l ha t?i ??i h?c nhn dn sng t?o khoa h?c - k? thu?t". Leningrad, 1987.

2. G.I. Ivanov. "... V hy b?t ??u sng ch?". Nh xu?t b?n ?ng Xibiri, Irkutsk, 1987.

BTSK s? 3/1999, trang 16 c tm t?t chuy?n ?i d?y TRIZ c?a G.I. Ivanov t?i thnh ph? Cp Nh? Tn, Trung Qu?c.

* C Valentina Nhikolaevna Zhuravliova v? Th?y Altshuller ? t? tr?n c?ng t?i thnh ph? Petrozavodsk, Lin bang Nga ngy 12/3/2004, th? 71 tu?i.

Sau khi Th?y Altshuller m?t n?m 1998, C dnh ton b? th?i gian cn l?i c?a cu?c ??i mnh cho vi?c thu th?p, h? th?ng ha l?i v xu?t b?n cc t? li?u, ti li?u v tc ph?m c?a Th?y Altshuller.


In memory of Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller

In my 18 years as a software engineer and manager at Bell Laboratories and Motorola, I have been lucky to work on interesting benchmarking, process improvement, technology transfer, and creativity-oriented initiatives. However, none of these programs have uniquely changed my perspective on engineering and creativity, and indeed, the world in general, as much as TRIZ. People who know me now consider me as someone who views the world through "TRIZ-colored glasses." Altshuller's work has changed my life. He was to the creativity and problem solving domains what W. Edwards Deming was to the quality improvement domain. Altshuller's impact will be felt for years to come. Coincidence that the middle name we had already chosen for our baby boy, due in October, is Henry, the American version of Genrich? I think not.

Maria B. Thompson, Motorola Intellectual Property Department, USA

The legacy Genrich Saulovich Altshuller leaves behind will long maintain its importance. The understanding of innovation that he has imparted to mankind is priceless and earns for him a place with the greatest thinkers of history. I am indebted to his work as a student, inventor, and man.

Dr. Michael S. Slocum, The Inventioneering Company, Coeditor of the TRIZ Journal published by the TRIZ Institute, USA

Altshuller was one of the greatest thinkers of the century. He was a very determined person. He was determined to pave the way for a new way of thinking regarding problems in innovation. It was a noble goal. Altshuller sacrificed many great opportunities in his life that would have given him wealth. He preferred TRIZ. Altshuller and his science were supported by his many enthusiastic followers. TRIZ has changed the lives of many Alshuller's followers and TRIZ users. TRIZ has helped them to be much more creative and improved effectiveness of their work and results.

Zinovy Royzen, TRIZ Consulting, USA

I feel very sad to receive your e-mail. I had known Dr. Altshuller about fifteen years ago in a Japanese magazine. And I found his TRIZ. I have great respect for his theory and his practice. It is with deep sadness for me to lose Dr. Altshuller. His theory gives me theoretical hints to solve problems. Thank you Dr. Altshuller.

Hidemi Kitaguchi, Toshiba Techno Center, Inc., Japan

Altshuller had the capability to see the future. He began to develop the methodology that he later named TRIZ, in 1940s. In 1980s TRIZ already existed, and existed Altshuller school. But Altshuller already knew that this is not enough. He already had begun to develop the Life Strategy of the Creative Person.

The capability to foresee the future. And not only skills to foresee, but also the capability to fight for the future. That Altshuller showed and taught to us.

Kalevi Rantanen, TRIS OY, Finland

I never have met G.S. Altshuller, but his books changed my life. The effect of the first Althuller's book that I read was like if anybody suddenly switched on light in dark room and I could clear see the things which were hidden in darkness. Since this moment my life was connected with TRIZ.

Gregory Frenklach, Israel

He dedicated his life to a cause that dramatically raised - and continues to raise - the level of society. He initiated, and carried through, a revolution. He accomplished this task with all the odds against him, at every turn in his career. In this respect, he is the ultimate example of the "creative personality" that he studied and introduced in his writings.

Genrich Altshuller has been "drawn up again" - forever to flower and decorate the landscape of the present and of the future - in each of us, and in our children. He resides in our minds, in our experiences, in our capabilities, and most importantly, he will continue to reside in our hearts. May he have a safe journey.

James Kowalick, Renaissance Leadership Institute, the TRIZ University, USA

Dr. Altshuller was a giant. We are fortunate to have had such a leader among us. Like a precious few others, he taught us that we need to do more with less. The central theme of a "contradiction" being the answer rather than a cue to engage in "trades"... The discipline of a lifetime of bringing ideas to others is something that speaks to what is best in mankind, a prayer for the future.

Dr. James Edward Charles, McMunigal, USA

Since my first exposure to TRIZ in 1989, I have often contemplated the amazing contributions of Genrich Altshuller and the global impact he has made with TRIZ. Once again, like Einstein, a man who worked in a patent office has given the world a beacon for breakthrough concepts. Eventually, as the world comprehends and appreciates his legacy, he will receive the acclaim he so richly deserves. Altshuller was to problem solving what Mozart was to music, what Deming was to quality. Today, his passing is mourned, but the elegance of TRIZ which he has bequeathed the world lives on. Mankind was truly blessed by his genius.

Mr. Lee Petersen Melroe - Ingersoll Rand, USA

When I first heard about Mr. Altshuller's discoveries, I was in disbelief. Since then and for the past five years I have been a believer. My life has changed, my way of thinking is altered and, most of all, knowing of Altshuller's creation has become a daily joy. TRIZ and Altshuller are a language that I communicate. They fill the air, touching everyone.

Zion Bar-El President, CEO and founder of Ideation International Inc., USA

An undescribable pain invade my entire body as I learn from Altshuller's passing. I'm finishing my Ph.D. on TRIZ and Altshuller was a night and day enlightenment for my research activities. Now, as his definition of ideality, he will not exist physically but! I'm convinced his ideas and work will soon reach eternity. My only contact with him was on the phone (with an interpreter and his wife between us) about four month ago. I confess it was one of the most intense moment of my professional life.

Denis CAVALLUCCI, President of the Association "TRIZ-France", FRANCE.

Genrich Altshuller did for us what Columbus did for the Europeans. He discovered a New World where we feel as if we are the First Pioneers in America. All the rest of our lives we will be among those who bless his memory.

Gafur and Inlik Zainiev, Ideation International Inc., USA

Genrich Saulovich Altshuller was a unique person. He was unique not just because he developed an amazing science. He was unique because he never asked for anything in return. He never said, "Give me." He always said, "Take this."

In tribute to his memory and to his contribution to mankind, I promise to work diligently to insure that the Altshuller Institute is a success. We will carry out the mandate of making the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies the recognized focal point and standard bearer of technical creativity. We will strive to insure that TRIZ is accepted as a science, and that Genrich Altshuller is globally recognized as its founder.

Lev Shulyak, President of the Altshuller Institute, USA

With a deep sense of sorrow I have learnt of Genrich Altshuller's passing away. I knew him only through the Triz website which I discovered recently. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

Subash K Bijlani, Magnus Engineers Pvt Ltd, India

For Genrich Stretcher of Mind Shining Light

You - With creative genius, leadership, courage, generosity, patience, and vision established a legacy for the ages We - humbly strive to stand on your shoulders, and Celebrate your life with gratitude, revence, and great affection

Larry R. Smith, Ford Motor Company, USA