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Thư của bà Karen Gadd gửi thầy Phan Dũng

From: Karen Gadd at Oxford Creativity

Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 6:23 PM

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Subject: Korean Innovation Success: 95,000 patents in 2012 (UK: 7,000)

Samsung claim that power of TRIZ has helped their phenomenal success over the last 12 years – and is central to their policy of growth through innovation. (see the Forbes article here).

I try to be a great champion of TRIZ (by establishing it in many major companies) but in July this year even I was astonished at the national importance of TRIZ when I was keynote speaker at the Korean TRIZ Global conference. Several Korean senior executives from their major companies talked about how their substantial investment in TRIZ Capability had massively paid off in terms of new innovative products, leading the world in IP and bottom line growth.

Korea has a very different atmosphere from Europe: here, despite its obvious power, TRIZ acceptance has been patchy and TRIZ often gets squashed by other more popular toolkits despite its complementary role to fill in all their universal gaps on problem solving and innovation. If anyone asks how has Korea (population 50 million - and a developing country in living memory) moved to No. 4 in the world in IP league tables with 95,000 granted patents in 2012 (whilst the UK has moved down to No. 12 with just over 7,000 patents) one answer is clearly TRIZ.

Korea's national espousal of TRIZ is very exciting and paying big results. I remember in 2000 one of the Samsung TRIZ engineers saying to me - "in Korea we are going to stop following and start leading and we are doing this with TRIZ" - and they have done it in spades. Their investment in TRIZ is phenomenal and even my book TRIZ for Engineers (published by Wiley Blackwell) has already been translated into Korean and I have been invited back to Seoul for further work. This is because in the Korean TRIZ community they were amazed how Oxford Creativity can make TRIZ so easy to learn and apply and wanted to know more about our straightforward approaches to the world's most powerful innovation toolkit. (see cartoon below)

Establishing TRIZ in Europe is essential for our success too. Oxford Creativity is the leading European TRIZ company and we have developed fast, simple ways of building TRIZ capability which works well with European engineers and management. We can show you how TRIZ acts as a multiplier on human intelligence, confidence, experience and wisdom, and helps you get the most from your most valuable asset: your people and your teams. In Oxford Creativity we say "TRIZ turns good engineers into great engineers" as it was developed by engineers for engineers who show uncharacteristic enthusiasm for this toolkit. Moreover really successful TRIZ companies have migrated it from engineering up to top management. Nowhere is that clearer than in Korea: part of Samsung's success with TRIZ is a result of making TRIZ training compulsory for all senior management. This has led to not only awareness but also enthusiasm and support for TRIZ throughout the organisation. In the UK we have had many proven successes with TRIZ (including companies such as Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems) which results in dramatic improvement of patent outputs, innovation success and helps engineering teams to work more effectively.

As Europe slowly wakes up to the power of this unique innovation and problem solving toolkit Japan, China and Korea use TRIZ to increase their global lead in IP. This year I have also been working in China where openness and enthusiasm for TRIZ is paying off. One major UK university contacted Oxford Creativity after their Chinese partners asked them "How much TRIZ do you teach to everyone" and their response had been "what is TRIZ and how can we use it?". That is a question Oxford Creativity have been successfully answering for fifteen years.

Contact us NOW to find out what TRIZ can do for you.


Karen Gadd

01993 882461

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